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What is Better: Invisalign or Braces?

Which way is better to correct the alignment of your teeth? Using the traditional wired braces, or the newest invisalign invention? Because tough you may experience both, but for time’s sake you are going to choose only one of them.

The Brace

Braces are the common option for many people who want to undergo through teeth proper alignment. However, many have also complained about the painful stung it leave on them. Not to mention that a lot of adults have refused to have their teeth corrected because braces are too conspicuous.

It’s because of the protruding metal brackets that show whenever you smile. For teens, this could be a lesser issue, but with older people they want lesser display. One more thing, cleaning wise, your braces will take a lot of your time. It will take you more time to get rid of things that has been caught in the metal wirings.

IF you are a person of busy schedule, braces might be a bad idea for you.

The Invisalign

On the other side of the world there is an invisalign that does things in contrast. They cure your crooked teeth and bring it to a normal alignment it is the only mutual thing about braces and invisalign. The difference that it makes is, with invisalign your alignment can be less obvious.

If you haven’t seen an invisalign yet it looks like boxer’s mouthpiece except it’s less seen. Invisalign perfectly fits and adapt to your teeth’s color as you wear it because it’s almost invisible in nature. Another thing is, you can have it remove wherever you need it. In many important dinner or meeting over meal, having aligner sometimes embarrasses you because of the food stuck in it – but not with invisalign – because you can remove it.

Maintenance wise, you are not going to spend more time cleaning your teeth because you can remove your invisalign immediately. If you think of it, you can really why invisalign is the complete opposite of braces.

Now, whether you choose invisalign or braces, what is important is you make a clear action to correct your teeth. It will be harder to have it fixed in the later years as it will be useless. Besides, healthy teeth can give you the best smile the city has ever seen. There is a correlation between your smile and your self-confidence that you may not know.

But what is more important other than getting your teeth correctly aligned is getting the best orthodontist. Some orthodontist cannot be both inclined in giving braces and invisalign alignment treatment to their patients. This is not going to be a problem because you will not need both. So long as you can get the most competent orthodontist to walk you throughout the process of correcting your teeth with either braces or invisalign.

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